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2022 Q1
1 Creation of the company MetaforceFX

Initially, our entire team consisted of a group of freelancers who carried out orders to create software for the Metaverse.

We worked unorganized, but everyone knew each other perfectly, talked a lot and were all like one big and friendly family. Peter Jung has always been our leader and he came up with a proposal to create a strong company with plans to become the advanced company in the field of creating software for Metaverse. We found investors among the companies we work with who were willing to finance our future company from the beginning. After long discussions, distribution of responsibilities and a lot of work with documents, we jointly created MetaforceFX!

2 Opening an office

We understood that we would need an office for successful work, so we immediately found a suitable option and engaged in its arrangement and branding.

2022 Q2
3 Development of an investment project.

To expand the staff and increase the company`s income, we have developed an investment project MetaforceFX. Heng Kiliman has been elected to be the project manager.

The raised funding will be aimed at finding experienced programmers and expanding the staff of developers capable of providing solutions for Metaverses, as well as entering new markets, marketing and subsequent expansion of the customer base.

4 Launch of the MetaforceFX investment project

The official launch of the MetaforceFX project.

5 Presentation about the company and the project

Creating a large detailed presentation so that you can get acquainted and understand all the advantages and all the subtleties of investing in the MetaforceFX project, as well as learn more about MetaforceFX

6 Our own application for mobile devices.

We are developing and improving MetaforceFX in order to make it convenient and comfortable for you to use your investments to earn money with us. Therefore, we are creating mobile applications for more convenient access to the MetaforceFX project

2022 Q3
7 Creation of an insurance fund

No one can predict the future. All business companies always take into account the risks of external factors that can negatively affect the company`s income. We are going to start creating a reserve insurance fund, to which we will redirect 5% of our company`s profits to insure the deposits of our investors in case of unpredictable situations in the world. The insurance fund will be used for payments to investors in case of bankruptcy of the company.

2023 Q1
8 Creation of a department for Cryptocurrency trading.

Creating a cryptocurrency trading team to open up new areas for the company`s income and investors. We also plan to increase the income of investors by trading on the cryptocurrency market.

9 Creation of a training center.

Creation of a center for training new specialists in the field of creating software for metaverses. Training of our own specialists will greatly support the expansion of the company.

8.1 Development of our own Token

Creating our own POLITUR ME LIMITED company’s token.

8.2 Launching the token on decentralized exchange markets

Adding a token of the POLITUR ME LIMITED to decentralized exchange markets for free token trading.

2023 Q2
8.3 Passing the audit

Passing the audit with Certik to check the security and reliability of the token

8.4 Launching the token on a Centralized exchange markets

Adding a token of the company to centralized exchange markets for free token trading.

After the official launch of the metaverse.

8.5 Using a token to pay for goods in Metaverses.

Development of a payment system for using the token as a payment currency in the Metaverses.

2023 Q3
10 Opening the offices in Europe and the USA.

The company will open its offices in the following cities: London, Istanbul, Madrid, Berlin, New York.

11 Creation of the MetaforceFX virtual office.

Creation of a virtual office of the company in the Metaverse, which every investor of the company will be able to visit using his own avatar.

2024 Q2
12 Creation and sale of our own equipment.

Creation and sale of equipment for virtual reality and access to the metaverse under our own brand.

12.1 Payment of dividends.

Payment of dividends to all investors based on the results of the quarterly profit from the sale of our Metaverse equipment.

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Project presentation and roadmap!
We are pleased to present you a full and detailed presentation about the MetaforceFX project and the development plans of MetaforceFX.
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