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Afiiliate program

Afiiliate program types

Promo codes:
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Bonus on balance:
Deposit Bonus:

Permanent financial bonuses to participants

We offer a bonus deposit

It is not required to be invited

Enhanced Affiliate program

Bonuses and promo codes

Financial bonus

We reward each partner who increases their level of the affiliate program with a financial bonus.

You can collect your bonus in your personal account. The transfer will be accounted to your balance.

Bonus deposit

When you increase the level of the affiliate program, you will receive a reward in the form of a deposit to your account.
You can activate your bonus deposit in your personal account. Each bonus deposit will be added to an existing deposit (if there is an active one) or will create a new one.

Promo code
[[ | number | prefix:'[' ]] units]


With each increase in the level of the affiliate program, you get access to promo codes. You can open the list of available promo codes in your personal account. The promo code gives a one-time increase for the new deposit replenishment for a certain %.
You can use the promo code yourself or give it to your investors.
The promo code must be entered when creating a deposit in a special field.

Each promo code can only be used once.
An unlimited number of deposits can be created on one account using different promo codes

Top 3 partners of the week
get an extra $1000
and investors who register without an affiliate link

Determining the best partner for this week is in:

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Partners bonus:
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The challenger for the current week victory




Last week winner

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Financial bonus

According to the results of each reporting week, the 3 strongest partners of our company in terms of investments of the first-level structure receive a financial bonus on the balance in the amount of $500 for the first place, $300 for the second place and $200 for the third place. We are grateful and ready to generously reward our partners for their excellent work. Remember! It is never too late to be the best!

Partners giveaway

According to the results of each reporting week, the 3 strongest partners receive new investors into their first-level structure, among those who has registered without an affiliate link during the week in the amount of: 50% of new investors for the first place, 30% of new investors for the second place and 20% of new investors for the third place.

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Project presentation and roadmap!
We are pleased to present you a full and detailed presentation about the MetaforceFX project and the development plans of MetaforceFX.
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