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General information

What is MetaforceFX?

MetaforceFX is a promising investment project of MetaforceFX.

The project opens up opportunities for profitable investment of funds for investors to get a stable profit in the growing popularity of the Metaverse. Using the invested funds, MetaforceFX will be able to expand its staff of developers and increase the amount of content created in the Metaverse to multiply the profits.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is the technological trend of 2023.

Combining blockchain technologies, virtual reality and gaming components will create a completely new space for spending leisure time and running business in a new format in the nearest future. In simple terms, the Metaverse can be called a "Parallel World" where you can live your alternative second life.

Where is MetaforceFX located?

The main office of MetaforceFX is located at: 66/F, The Center, 99 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong, China.

Company registration number: 3150537

What time is online support available and how quickly will I get a response?

Our online support is available 24/7. An operator which will answer all your questions and help you solve all your difficulties is automatically assigned to your request. If MetaforceFX is unable to solve your problem, you will receive a competent answer with a full explanation of the reasons why our team is unable to solve your problem.

Financial information

What is the minimum and maximum amount to invest?

The minimum amount is $100, and the maximum amount is $1,000,000.

What payment systems do you accept for deposits?

We accept various payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance coin, Tether, BUSD, USDCoin, DAI, Cardano, Polkadot, Tron, Dogecoin, Shib, Xrp и PerfectMoney.

What investment plans do you offer to investors?

We offer 5 investment plans with different income percentages and accrual periods:

HERMES 1.4% within 24 hours, profit accrual every 24 hours, deposit amounts from $20 to $4999,99.

DIONYSUS 1.6% within 24 hours, profit accrual every 12 hours for 0.8%, deposit amounts from $5000 to $19999,99.

HEPHAESTUS 1.8% within 24 hours, profit accrual every 6 hours at 0.45%, deposit amounts from $20000 to $49999,99.

PROMETHEUS 2.1% within 24 hours, profit accrual every 3 hours at 0.2625%, deposit amounts from $50000 to $99999,99.

APOLLO 2.4% within 24 hours, profit accrual every 1 hour at 0.1%, deposit amounts from $100000 to $1000000

How do I switch to the next data plan?

All your deposits have a total balance equivalent to USD amount.

When the balance is equal to or greater than the required amount for switching to the next investment plan, all your deposits will automatically be transferred to the next investment plan and will generate income corresponding to the new plan.

Accruals will occur simultaneously on all your deposits.

The frequency of accrual will also correspond to the new plan.

How fast are payments made?

All payments are processed automatically and instantly by the system. Delays are only possible if the currency transfer networks themselves have problems. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything with these factors.

What is the minimum payout amount?

Minimum payout amounts:

Bitcoin minimum payout: 0.00045 BTC

Ethereum ERC20 minimum payout: 0.045 ETH

Ethereum BEP20 minimum payout: 0.008 ETH

Litecoin minimum payout: 0.15 LTC

Dogecoin minimum payout: 100 DOGE

Tron minimum payout amount 70 TRX

Tether ERC20 minimum payout: 100 USDT

Tether TRC20 minimum payout 10 USDT

Tether BEP20 minimum payout: 10 USDT

Binance Coin BEP20 minimum payout: 0.04 BNB

Binance USD BEP20 minimum payout: 10 BUSD

USD Coin BEP20 minimum payout: 10 USDC

Cardano BEP20 minimum payout: 15 ADA

Polkadot BEP20 minimum payout: 1 DOT

Ripple minimum payout: 15 XRP

Ripple BEP20 minimum payout amount 25 XRP

Shiba Inu BEP20 minimum payout: 100,000 SHIBA

Dai BEP20 minimum payout: 10 DAI

Dai ERC20 minimum payout: 100 DAI

Perfect Money minimum payout: 1 USD

My payment not received, what should I do?

If the withdrawal was confirmed in the transaction history in your account, wait for 1 hour for the funds to be credited, and then contact support.

How long can I invest and how many deposits can I open at the same time?

We highly appreciate your contribution to the development of our company, so all investments in MetaforceFX are perpetual. The number of your investments is also unlimited.

On what days does the profit accrue?

Profit accrual occurs every calendar day.

Information for partners

Where can I find my affiliate link?

Your affiliate link is located in your account in the "Partners"section

Where can I learn more about the affiliate program?

All information about the affiliate program can be found in the "Partners" section on the home page of the site.

How quickly is % of the investors deposit credited?

Your investor’s deposit bonus is credited instantly, after your investor makes a deposit.

My partner registered using my affiliate link, but I dont see him/her in my structure, so what should I do?

If your partner is not displayed in your structure, but he/she has registered using your personal link, then your partner should contact the support service with a request to check the registration. After verification, we will set you as an upline to your partner.

I didnt get a % of my investors deposit, so what should I do?

If you are not credited with a % of your investor's deposit, please contact our support service. After checking the information, we will credit your %.

In what currency is % of my investors deposit credited?

% of your investor's deposit is credited only in the currency in which your investor's deposit was created.

How can I move to the next level of the affiliate program?

There is only one condition for increasing the level of an affiliate program – you need to have the necessary amount of investment of the first level of your structure. When you reach the required amount of $ to transfer, your affiliate program level will change automatically and immediately.

Where can I collect my rewards and bonuses from MetaforceFX?

All your bonuses and rewards can be collected in your account in the "partners" section

Can I register my second account using my referral link?

No. If the system detects multiple accounts linked by a referral link, then all accounts will be blocked without the possibility of recovery.

Company bonuses

What bonuses are awarded to TOP 3 Partners at the end of the week?

According to the results of the reporting week, the TOP 3 Partners receive a financial bonus and a bonus in the form of new investors (who registered without using a referral link) in their first-level structure.

How are the TOP 3 Partners determined by the end of the week?

The winners of the TOP 3 Partners of the week are determined by the total amount of USD investments in first-level structures during the reporting week only. This top does not take into account the amount of investments in the $ structure of the first level of partners for previous periods.

I am the winner of the TOP 3 Partners of the week. Where can I see the financial bonuses I have received and the new investors I have received as a reward?

You can see all the received rewards in your account in the "partners" section. Bonus investors are displayed in the "Bonus Partners" section

What bonuses will I get from MetaforceFX for attracting investors?

We value our partners and are ready to reward you greatly! We provide Financial Bonuses, Bonus Deposits, and Promo Codes as rewards. All awards can be collected in your account.

What are MetaforceFX Financial Bonuses?

When you increase the level of the affiliate program, you will receive a "Financial Bonus"reward. You can get it in your account in the "Partners" tab. The cash bonus is credited instantly to your account balance and is available for withdrawal.

What is a Bonus Deposit from MetaforceFX?

When you increase the level of the affiliate program, you will receive a deposit reward to your account. You can activate your bonus deposit in your account in the "Partners" section. Each bonus deposit will be added to the existing deposit (if any) or create a new one.

What are Promo Codes from MetaforceFX?

Promo code – a numeric code that can be used to increase a new deposit. With each increase in the level of the affiliate program, you get access to promo codes. You can open the list of available promo codes in your account.

The promo code gives a one-time increase for the new deposit by 6-12% (the nominal value depends on the level of the affiliate program). You can use the promo code yourself or give it as a gift to your investors. The promo code must be entered into a special field when making a deposit. Each promo code can only be used once. An unlimited number of deposits can be created on a single account using different promo codes.

Work with the site and cabinet

Where can I view MetaforceFX statistics?

You can find this information in the statistics section on the home page of the site.

How do I register?

To register, click on the “Sign up” link, then enter your details and create or generate a password to sign in to your personal account. Be sure to write your details down so you won’t lose it.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You need to use the password recovery tool, enter your email address, you will receive a link to restore your password, and then you can enter a new password.

Why do I need butterflies in my merchant profile, and what information is displayed on them?

All your progress in the MetaforceFX project is displayed in the form of butterflies. Each butterfly is individual.

Investment accounting butterfly - this butterfly displays the amount of your investment, your current investment plan, your daily income, the remaining time until the next profit accrual, and the amount of investment required to level-up the plan. Each butterfly wing corresponds to the plan. Reward butterflies "Bonus Deposit", "Financial Bonus" and " Promo Codes – these butterflies show the amount of investment of your team by first-level investors, your current level of the affiliate program and the required amount to proceed to the next level. Each butterfly wing corresponds to the level of the affiliate program. When you go to the next level, the butterfly's wing will light up-this means that you can get bonuses. To activate the bonuses, you need to click on the glowing wing and get your reward. Butterfly wings with promo codes will remain active until you use all available promo codes.

How securely are my personal data and my investments in the MetaforceFX project stored?

Your data is maximally protected by our SSL encryption, and there is also a 2FA account protection, you can activate it in your account.

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